14 May 2018

New in South Coast Metro 05-14-18 | After 30 years, Wahoo’s has a crispy taco

From the Orange County Register                                                                                                                                                                  By Fielding Buck
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Retail & Restaurant Roundup: After 30 years, Wahoo’s has a crispy taco


Wahoo’s Fish Taco is marking its 30th anniversary this year. Three brothers, Ed and Mingo Lee and Wing Lam, opened the first restaurant in Costa Mesa in November 1988.

The chain has grown to 60 locations and plans to open five more franchises in California, Nevada and New Jersey this year, including one in Ontario International Airport that the brothers expect will grab the eyes of international travelers.

Wahoo’s remains true to its roots, both culinary and in the surf and action sports cultures it celebrates in its decor. It even has a 1988 Burrito and a 1988 Taco on its menu.

“If you just want what you grew up eating, you can get it,” said Lam, sitting with his brothers in the dining room of the chain’s Tustin restaurant.

But there is one big exception. In Lent, the brothers added crispy fish as an option to its taco menu, which previously featured only grilled fish. The brothers likened the move to a “jump off a cliff,” but said it has been well received.

“A lot of people say I want to be healthy, but then they want to splurge on some French fries,” Lam said. “We’ll just try it to see if we can do something that’s a little bit different. We did cut back quite a bit on the batter, so it’s not heavy.”


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