Comprehensive Outlook Includes Forward-Thinking Marketing Insights & Best Practices

Blue C, a leading Southern California-based strategic marketing agency, in association with the American Marketing Association | Orange County, Orange County Startup Council, South Coast Metro Alliance, and Propaganda HQ, has announced the digital release of its comprehensive 2021 marketing outlook report.

Packed with forward-thinking strategies and optimistic predictions for 2021 and beyond, Blue C collected insights and statistics from experts and thought leaders in the marketing and branding worlds to create a comprehensive report detailing what we should expect after such a tumultuous year.

Free to download, this research-based marketing outlook features a wealth of digestible information to help marketers advise their clients with confidence. The outlook includes the current lay of the land, marketing trends and predictions, consumer insights, tips and best practices including 50 executable tactics, and what to look forward to on the other side.

The Blue C team has conducted extensive research, citing over 50 expert sources and dozens of recent studies, to compile this thorough report as a resource for marketers and businesses alike.

“As marketers, we must balance our optimism with the reality of our current climate to counsel responsibly and help our brands emerge successfully from whatever the world throws at us,” said Eric Morley, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Blue C.

“It’s more important than ever to ‘read the room’ and actively listen to the wants and needs of stakeholders or risk alienating important audiences. Conversely, the evolving social and political conversation has provided a unique opportunity for marketers and communications teams to show their value. Our marketing playbook provides actionable steps to strengthen value propositions and elevate brands to their true potential.”

COVID-19 has shaken up the strategies and channels that marketers typically rely on while altering consumers’ expectations about the way brands should communicate with the public. And, it’s caused businesses to aggressively adjust their now “old” operating models to capture the “new normal” of consumer demand and traffic – all of which is uncertain.

Blue C has removed a lot of the guesswork by sharing context and current thinking about how marketers and businesses might adjust their communications strategies to drive the best results in a world that demands more action and transparency.

Morley continued, “Unfortunately, there are no magical pandemic marketing techniques, just solid practices executed by those bold marketers with the energy, passion, and persistence to make great things happen. Brands that can adapt to the wave of changing trends and expectations will fare well in the post-2020 court of public opinion.”

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