From Orange County Register
Anne Valdespino
Thursday, April 11, 2019

Amar Santana and Ahmed Labbate’s The Hall Global Eatery will open in South Coast Plaza this summer

When The Hall Global Eatery opens this summer at South Coast Plaza it could be your one-stop shop. It’s a multiple choice feast with a coffee bar, juice bar, deli and a cocktail bar/full-service restaurant. If you’re in too much of a hurry to hang out, just grab some takeout and provisions: The Hall will sell wine and fancy foods too.

Amar Santana and his business partner Ahmed Labbate, the duo behind Vaca in Costa Mesa, will show off their versatility in this enormous space — 7,547 square-feet inside.

“When we open this place and get it off the ground, then nothing’s gonna stop us. It scares me, but this is what we’ve been doing all our lives,” he said during a walk through of the project which was still under construction.

Santana and Labatte have gutted the place and brought in a clean, contemporary look to a restaurant that was dark with low ceilings. The entry has been opened up so customers can stroll in from Carousel Court. Diners will first encounter a coffee bar offering Lavazza espresso drinks and pastries.

A nearby drink station between the coffee bar and deli will offer beverages, including fresh juices, in a variety of blends, squeezed daily in a high tech Zumex machine over six feet tall,  “Press a button, whole oranges turn into juice,” Santana says.

Walk farther into the space and you’ll see grab-and-go items as well as cookies, chocolates and preserves.

Walk past the beverage station and you’ll find a full Middle Eastern deli with shawarma rotisseries, a kebab grill and all the accoutrements: flatbreads, hummus, baba ganoush, pickles and more. 

For the ultra foodies there will be a full service restaurant at the back that takes reservations.

“The formal dining room will be called Crudo. It is the bar combined with a restaurant,” said Labbate.

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